Top 11 Best Vertical Garden Kits [2020] Review

Growing plants using boxed system

Vertical garden kits are used for cultivating fruits, flowers and vegetables in boxes or containers from the ground upwards. Growing any plants or flowers in the field will provide a clumsy look to your garden and also brings you infinite

Vertical Gardening is the present hottest trend to adapt for your indoor or outdoor garden.  

This is the right time to shift to the vertical gardening, start growing delicious vegetables, fruits and other flowers over a trellis, in pot towers, garden nets; this will make your work easier as well as your garden would look excellent from the ordinary look. The vertical garden would be the perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor garden type.

What is a Vertical Gardening?

Vertical garden kits are innovative, highly productive and effortless growing system that indulges top down and bottom up, which supports vast varieties of plants in indoor and outdoor garden spaces is derived as a vertical gardening. This will include both small and larger areas.

The Columnar trees and structures are used to create gardening room on the vertical surface. Trellises that are attached to the large containers or the ground helps you to grow flowers, vines, and vegetables in the vertical garden; they need the least place when compared to the traditional gardening elements.

So many of the gardening suppliers, small space urban gardeners, apartments dwellers, disabled gardeners get the most benefits from these vertical gardening. If you are considering these garden for indoors, you can create living walls for the attracting look.

Watering regularly and also good air circulation is essential for keeping the plants, vegetables, flowers to look healthy and beautiful.

Infographics Vertical Gardening:

Why Choose Vertical Gardening?

  • Vertical garden kits can save you much space as this requires your vegetables, fruits, and flowers to grow upwards instead of out. This can save you more space especially for the gardeners who are growing these fruits and vegetables in urban environments.
  • Plants that grow in the vertical garden kits are much easier for harvesting; it’s good if your beans grow at your waist height rather than at your ankle level. You need not bend over to harvest.
  • Better air exposure is possible through this vertical gardening as there is a vast area, this leads to productive, healthier and beautiful growing up of vegetables or fruits.
  • No pest problems if you prefer to this vertical gardening as they can completely get rid of the soil-borne molds and diseases.
  • The vertical structures like pergolas, arbors, gazebos, arches, etc. helps in creating the ambiance of any garden room outdoor, and you will be able to focus on the complete gardening.
  • Easier for watering, fertilizing, harvesting and pruning due to the convenient vertical growing plants.

Types of Vertical Gardens

You can find different size and shape containers for vertical gardening, and you can choose the one as per your requirements,

For, e.g., if you need to grow some flowers, fruits or vegetables in a limited space, then you need to choose a vertical planter that suits the small space like laying flat against a wall.

You can find privacy screens in few type of vertical gardens; this provides you the option to plant on both sides. Here are some of the types of Vertical gardeners, let’s know about them in brief.

Green Wall

One of the useful vertical gardening, where people get attracted by the fine look, you can attach this to the wall or else free standing is possible and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The planting can cover the shallow frame or the entire structure.

Tiered Garden

This vertical gardening is of narrow and long beds arranged like a staircase; plant would grow in and out, can be used in a limited space and the perfect solution for the urban gardens especially for the ones without the wall space.


In this vertical gardening type, the products are designed to create a living wall, the container is made of breathable fabric, and this is the reason why plants grow healthier in this type of vertical gardening. Hanging fabric shoe organizer is also another wise choice.

Pallet Garden

This type of vertical gardening uses the landscaping fabric at the front and back of the pallets for the plant to grow healthier.

Gutter Garden

A planter which is made from the rain gutter, you can arrange this in both vertical and horizontal for the plants to grow up or top down.

Gardening with PVC Pipes

This vertical gardening is designed to stand straight like a tower against a fence or wall. You can drill holes into the PVC pipe and then grow out. Choose a vertical standing pipe, and you will be able to plant 360 degrees around the pipe.

Arbor Gardens

This can also be referred as Trellis, available in different shapes and structure based on your requirement and the perfect one for climbing vines.

You can create vertical gardening of your own. Know how to build a vertical gardening from the embedded video below.

Few Benefits of Vertical Gardening

Find below some of the benefits of adapting to Vertical gardening for indoor and outdoors.

  • Many Aesthetic effects
  • Vertical gardening can be used as a natural insulation for cold and hot air.
  • Improves the air quality by increasing oxygen level and reducing the Co2 levels.
  • You need not water each time, as conservation of water is possible.
  • Noise and Sound absorption

Best Picks of Vertical Garden Kits

Once you are clear about the Vertical Gardening, the mechanism behind and the types, it’s now mandatory to know what kind of vertical garden kits you need to get for your indoor gardening or outdoor and who are the right manufacturer who is providing these vertical garden kit for you as per your requirement.

Our professional team has collected few of the brands that are offering these vertical garden kits and has listed below after testing each product, apart from that the recorded collections are also based on the customer’s reviews, ratings, performance, quality and durability of the product.

ImageProduct NamePriceOur Rating
Gronomics VG3245$$  ( 5 / 5)
Garden Kit from AeroGrow$$  ( 4.9 / 5)
Florafelt Compact Kit$$  ( 4.9 / 5)
Algreen 34002$  ( 4.8 / 5)
Earth Tower Vertical Garden$$  ( 4.8 / 5)
BloomWall Savvy Grow Vertical Garden$  ( 4.7 / 5)
Nancy Janes P1360$  ( 4.7 / 5)
Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Stackable$  ( 4.6 / 5)
Living Gallerie vertical garden planter$  ( 4.6 / 5)
Invigorated Living Vertical Garden Planter$  ( 4.5 / 5)
YP Supplier LLC$  ( 4.5 / 5)

VG3245 Vertical Garden Planter Kit from Gronomics

Gronomics, a famous manufacturer of gardening equipment and tools, are in the market since 1989 but was established in 2008. The products they deliver are updated, innovative and help the garden to grow more. This product has also been developed for providing much comfort.

Setting up the vertical garden is very easy in this case, you work is to fix the suction hose to the pump’s top connector, now automatically the irrigation tube attaches themselves to the lower connector. There is an irrigation timer, plug this and start the process, the product is also available with battery operation option for the easy access.

You need to use fabric liner to line up the bottom bed, you need to fill the vertical garden with the soil spillings, situate and compact the soil as it falls. During the process, make sure that the tube stays in its place so that the tier gets irrigated adequately.

The capacity to fill up is about 41/2 cubic feet of soil. Test the irrigation after the garden is filled completely, make sure it’s functional. The vertical gardener planter is best for planting greens and herbs. You can also plant chard, lettuce, kale, oregano, thyme, strawberries, etc.

While taking maintenance, watering is the major thing involved. Ensure that the reservoir is refilled, you can perform this by inserting a hose into the base of the circular hole if you think that the water is getting stopped from the circulation you need to disconnect the tube from the pump, remove the blockages and then carry on.

The dimension of the vertical garden stand is about 33 inches in width, 12 inches in height and 23 inches in diameter, whereas the size of the bed is about 32 inches in width, 45 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter.

The water reservoir can hold up to 8 gallons, and the linear growing space of the planter is about 17 feet. The manufacturer is providing a lifetime warranty for the product, the unfinished cedar needs to be added with the right finish, and the cedar is of 100 percent western red. The price of the product is high but worth the money invested in them.

Our #1 Pick:Gronomics VG3245

Special Feature:

The irrigation tube can automatically attached to the lower connector.

Key features:

+ 100 western red cedar,

+ drip line irrigation system.


+ no assembly required,

+ durable.

Our Rating:   ( 4.5 / 5)

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Gourmet Herb LED Vertical Garden Kit from AeroGrow

The manufacturer has produced many successful gardening products for their customers and is mainly popular for their high-quality materials used in the product to make it exist for long years. This vertical garden kit from the Aerogrow helps in growing fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers with this fascinating counter top garden kit.

You will be able to seed seven plants at a time, the unique thing about this vertical kit is that plants grow with the help of the water not with soil. The hydroponics is made simple. The vertical garden is ensured for producing their high performance with the help of its 30 watts LED lighting system.

This system helps in increasing the photosynthesis to the plants so that you can experience faster growth in the seeded plants and harvest. The control panel lets you know about the watering time and also when to add patented nutrients with the help of the automatic on and off light.

The seven pod gourmet herb seed indulges Thai basil, Genovese basil, curly parsley, thyme Mint, Dill, Chives and 3 oz. The growth of the plants is five times higher than the plants growing indoor and that too in the high-quality pot soil. The lamp arm which is about 24 inches tall can be adjustable so that you can adjust the growing space for the various plants.

The plants grow in this vertical garden kit is natural as the sees are of heirloom varieties and farmed organically, GMO Seeds are never used in their kit for efficient growing. The nutrients used to grow plants does not contain any herbicides or pesticides but involves complete vitamin nutrients namely magnesium, iron and calcium.

The price of the product is high but worth the penny invested for the product comes with the dimension of 17.25 inches in width, 11.25 inches in depth and 15 to 34 inches in height. The manufacturer has provided one year warranty for the product.

Our #2 Pick:Garden Kit from AeroGrow

Special Feature:

The best thing about this vertical kit is that plants grow with the help of the water not with soil.

Key features:Garden Kit from AeroGrow

+ full spectrum 30 watt LED lighting system,

+ 7 pod gourmet herb seed kit.


+ easy to use control panel,

+ up to 7 pnats.


+ Plastic made.

Our Rating:   ( 4.9 / 5)

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Compact Vertical Gardening Kit from Florafelt

These vertical gardeners kits are modular in look, and you can fill with your favorite ones throughout the entire wall. Experience the gloomy window well into a plant filled paradise with the help of these vertical garden kits.

The manufacturer has developed the product with multiple advantages, one of the freestanding vertical gardening that is easy to set up and build. There is a timer which can be configured automatically, and it even waters daily once the timer gets started.

Cleans the air, release Co2 out and creates oxygen for the plant to grow well, best for both indoor and outdoor areas, you need to water the vertical garden planter from the top. The excess water gets dropped at the bottom and thus recirculated.

There is a mild plant food that gets indulged within the water for creating a hydroponic living wall that improves the plant growth gradually.You need to water weekly; you can plug into the standard 110 v wall outlet for the timer to start the watering process.

The kit includes eight pockets living wall planter, water pump, timer, automatic timer, water bin with the water holding capacity of 3 gallons. The weight of the product is about 10lbs and available with the dimension of 12 inches wide, 62 inches in height and 6 inches depth.

You can choose the preferred color you need and plant along the vertical garden system. Very simple to use even for the kids, the roots of the plants grow in the moisture, and therefore the plants thrive up for years. Change the root wrappers regularly for the plants to grow up.

Our #3 Pick:Florafelt Compact Kit

Special Feature:

The excess water gets dropped at the bottom and thus recirculated.

Key features:

+ Automatic timer,

+ 3 Gallon Water Bin.


+ for indoor/outdoor,

+ easy for adults and kids.


+ Expensive.

Our Rating:   ( 4.9 / 5)

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Vertical Living Wall Planter from Algreen

Algreen, a famous manufacturer of gardening products, has developed this product with much effort, you can simply grow plants through this living wall planter with ease. The product has been awarded for their high-end quality products for plants growth and also for the resistance.

The nontoxic seal and the treatment are weather resistant, and therefore your plants will not get affected in the case of any climatic changes. You can arrange the slots to any position so that you can use the planter to plant at any desired heights. The trellis backing is another significant benefit to the outcome.

There are three planters with the drain, and the assembly is straightforward, easy and quick. You can mount the vertical wall planter to a wall or fence for the space saving. You can hang the planters from your deck, wall or fence for the decorative and eye-catching look.

The garden view that indulges many slots for choosing the position of the planters will help you in the adequate growth; you can enjoy your vertical garden planter decorative plants growing up and best for both indoor and outdoor areas.

The price of the product is high but worth the money spent on the vertical gardener, they comes with the dimension of 32.5X11.5X8 inches and weigh about 11.6 pounds. You can choose the desired plants for planting and grow up in this vertical garden planter.

Our #4 Pick:Algreen 34002

Special Feature:

The nontoxic seal and the materials are weather resistant.

Key features:

+ Nontoxic Seal,

+ Decorative trellis backing.


+ Weather Resistant,

+ quick assembly.


+ Small size.

Our Rating:   ( 4.8 / 5)

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Vertical Garden Wooden Planter from Earth Tower

Glow up your garden by adapting to this fascinating vertical gardening planter at your indoor and outdoor places from the successful manufacturer Earth Tower. They have been awarded for their many gardening products, and they are mostly preferred for the creative and decorative element.

The four-sided vertical garden comes with the wheels and allows about 46 feet of garden row in the 2X2 foot space, setting up and assembling the wall planter is made easier, they are made of cypress wood which is rot resistant and comes with an attracting stain that is nontoxic in nature.

The interior watering and fertilizing reservoir are food safe, and you can grow maximum plants in the limited space. The four screws at the bottom and top can be adjusted for planting, as they come with the wheeled base you can easily move the planter to any area in your garden.

The cypress wood design attracts anyone in your garden, and this would look great at your garden before the plants start to grow. Watering and feeding the plant is simple, the drainage is specially designed for the funneling out the excess water through the hole. This planter does not require more water for the plants to grow well.

The loosely packed planting mix allows your plant to grow from the roots, there are no electrical cords used and therefore electricity free, and no irritating noise would be there during watering or feeding.  

The price of the product is affordable and available with the dimension of 48X24X5 inches, they weigh about 23.9 pounds and simple to indulge in any indoor and outdoor gardening spaces.

Our #5 Pick:Earth Tower Vertical Garden

Special Feature:

The earth tower vertical gardening planter has movable wheels.

Key features:

+ 4-sided design,

+ rot-resistant cypress wood.


+ non-toxic stain,

+ wheels added.


+ The soil falls out.

Our Rating:   ( 4.8 / 5)

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Bloom Wall Vertical Gardening Kit Planter from Savvy Grow

The manufacturer is popular for their high-quality gardening products, this vertical gardener comes with the one rack and four pots and is the best hanging planters for herbs, flowers, plants, etc. your garden would change into a lush and vibrant looking while adapting this planter at your garden.

Ideal for wall planter for small and large yards, patios, apartments, schoolyards, balcony planters, etc.  The vertical planter involves the self-watering system along with a water level indicator; you need to just fill the reservoir for the refilling of water to start.

The gardener planting can be used as a standalone as well as the vertical garden. Mount it on any wall and lighten up your garden space. You could get the mounting equipment along with the kit. You can choose any plants for the effective growing, the grown vegetables and fruits from this vertical garden are best and contain more nutrients when compared to the ones you get from the store.

The vertical gardener plant system removes the harmful volatile organic chemicals which come from the air conditioners, cosmetics, carpets, refrigerators, etc. The kit includes a plant rack, self-watering system, manual, hanging bracket, four pots. The price of the product is affordable and is about 5.3 pounds, available in the dimension of 22.4X7.1X7.1 inches.

Our #6 Pick:BloomWall Savvy Grow Vertical Wall Garden

Special Feature:

This vertical gardener plant system removes the harmful volatile organic chemicals.

Key features:

+ Self Watering system,

+ water lever indicator.


+ superior expandable design,

+ easy planting design.


+ Leaked.

Our Rating:   ( 4.7 / 5)

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Vertical gardening watering system from Nancy Janes

Nancy Janes vertical gardening is the self-watering system, and it’s the pioneer of the stacking planter. The kit involves three tiers planters, three self-watering system, swivel chains, stacking tray, manual. You need not worry about the overwater the self-watering equipment passes water evenly for all the plants in the vertical gardening.

The stacking design that is unique and attractive would be perfect for the garden with less space and provide an eye catchy look from every angle you look, also can be used at studio apartment, dorm room, balcony, etc.

The stacking planters involve chains and grids for hanging. Best for both indoor and outdoor areas and occasions. You can plant any vegetables and fruit as per your requirement, the price of the product is affordable and comes with a dimension of 13X13.5X6.5 inches, is about 3 pounds.

Our #7 Pick:Nancy Janes P1360

Special Feature:

The kit involves three tiers planters and three self-watering system.

Key features:

+ patented self-watering system,

+ three tiers of planters.


+ attractive stacking design,

+ perfect for small spaces.


+ Little soil in each pot.

Our Rating:   ( 4.7 / 5)

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Vertical Garden Vegetable Planter from Mr. Stacky

Mr. Stacky, a great manufacturer of gardening products, has developed many successful products and has been awarded many awards for their durable products, this vertical gardener comes with a self-watering system for the even distribution of water to the plants in the vertical garden planters.

Perfect for any limited space garden, balcony, patios, yards, etc. these are made of polypropylene that is food safe and just needs water for the top pot. Best for growing herbs, flowers, strawberries, succulents and much more.

The setup and assembly are simple to process; the kit contains 20 planting locations, drip bottom tray one no and stackers five nos. The price of the vertical garden is affordable and available with the dimension of 8X12X12 inches, is about 3 pounds in weight.

Our #8 Pick:Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Stackable

Special Feature:

This kit made of polypropylene that is food safe.

Key features:

+ Patented Flow Through Design,

+ made of Food Safe Polypropylene.


+ save space and time,

+ water reservoirs on each layer.


+ Pretty but small.

Our Rating:   ( 4.6 / 5)

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Hanging Vertical Garden Planter from Living Gallerie

The vertical garden planter from Living Galleries ranks eighth in our product picks; the manufacturer is great in producing high-grade quality products, this one contains eight pocket design for any limited space in the garden, balcony, patio, yards, etc.

The products are made of eco-friendly and durable materials for producing nontoxic habitats for the plants, the root wrappers included within the kit is used for inserting the plants into the pocket type vertical gardener.

You can hang these pocket vertical garden from any deck, fence or wall for providing the fascinating look; the self-watering method allows your plants to get watered automatically as per the timer.

The material type used is fabric, the product is affordable and comes with the dimension of 26X1X22 inches, the product weighs about 0.8 pounds.

Our #9 Pick:Living Gallerie vertical garden planter

Special Feature:

The root wrappers included within the kit is used for inserting the plants into the pocket type planter.

Key features:

+ 8 pocket design,

+ non-toxic habitat.


+ with root wrappers,

+ easy to hang.


+ Water leaking.

Our Rating:   ( 4.6 / 5)

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Pocket Vertical Garden Planter from Invigorated Living

This product ranks ninth in our best picks of vertical garden kit, the best gardening planter used for hanging plants, herbs, flowers, succulents, etc., change your ugly looking space into a vibrant and eye catchy look with this vertical garden planter. This is specially designed for patios, apartments, small and large yards, etc.

Best to use at both indoor and outdoor places, the eyelets or the grommets which are of metal makes your garden and the plants to grow well. Taste up the nutritious vegetables and fruits that are being developed in this pocket vertical garden planter.

The materials are made of eco-friendly and recycled materials, and therefore you can be assured for your healthy plants, the felt pouches have been another significant benefit of this garden kit. As they are made of waterproof materials, you can create your indoors and outdoor hanging wall with superior planters with ease.

The price of the product is less and comes with the dimension of 11.8X0.4X39.4 inches; the product weighs about 1.1 pounds and best for indoor, outdoor, spaces with limited areas.

Our #10 Pick:Invigorated Living 8 Pocket Vertical Garden Planter

Special Feature:

These are made of eco-friendly and recycled materials.

Key features:

+ recycled material,

+ premium quality material.


+ water proof materials,

+ metal eyelets/grommets.


+ For outdoor.

Our Rating:   ( 4.5 / 5)

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Vegetable Planter Kit from Yp Supplier

The manufacturer has developed this product with much effort for providing the eye catchy look to your indoor gardening and other spaces. The plant stackers which are made of polypropylene with UV prevents your vegetable stackers from any crack or fading.

The freestanding vegetable planters are best for hanging from any porch, ceiling or tree branch; you can plant any vegetables and fruits as per your requirement in this vegetable planter kit. Made specially for satisfactory indoor and outdoor uses, the chain for hanging can hold up to 150lbs weight and to prevent rust, the chain is powder coated.

The price of the product is less and is about 4.1 pounds in weight, available with the dimension of 12X12X28 inches. The self-watering technique saves your time and space.

Our #11 Pick:YP Supplier LLC

Special Feature:

Attractive hanging planter for indoor and oudoor.

Key features:

+ made of polypropylene,

+ terracotta colored.


+ includes UV inhibitors,

+ powder-coated chain.


+ Small in size.

Our Rating:   ( 4.5 / 5)

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Final thoughts

Hope you are clear on Vertical Gardening, their types, benefits, kits, manufacturer, and brands offering these vertical gardening. Have you ever used any of these types of Vertical gardening tools in your garden spaces or any indoor or outdoor areas?

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the vertical gardening kits.