About Vertical Garden Pros

I’m Diane, owner of Vertical Garden Pros. I’ve been learning all about different ways to grow my own fruits and vegetables at home.

I used to have a black thumb, I’ve killed cactus before, at least two, and it wasn’t due to overwatering. Over time I’ve picked my mom’s brain, she has a very green thumb, and scoured the internet and YouTube for the best and easiest ways to grow my own food.

Vertical gardening has always been an interest to me as a different way to grow plants. It seemed cool but I was never sure how to bring it into my own life.

Enter the Tower Garden! One of my husbands friends bought one (actually two) and we couldn’t believe the results! We knew we had to get one ourselves and try it out.

Since then I have been facinated with all different ways of growing plants vertically and taking up less square footage. On this site I will talk about different vertical gardening methods that you can use in your own home. Whether you live in a tiny aparment or have acres of outside space.

Happy Vertical Gardening!