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Best Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Updated – 03 Jan. 2020

Hydroponic Garden

“Hydroponic Garden”, originated from the Latin words “Working Water” enables you to grow different types of spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers efficiently, the technique uses water, gravel, sand, oxygen, nutrients, moisture and perlite instead of soil for the reliable quality and plants growth.Best Indoor Hydroponic Garden

The air system that is used in the water system evolves bubbles and increase the oxygen in the water, this supply oxygen to the submerged roots for the effective growth of the plants. Therefore growth of the plants using water will be much better when compared to the plant’s growth with soil.

In general, hydroponics systems are classified into solution culture and aggregate culture. In the first system, they use the nutrient filled solution for the active plant roots for the linear growth; the system is also known as liquid culture. Whereas, the second method involves sand, gravel, clay pellets for the roots to grow.

Types of Indoor Hydroponic Garden System

Hydroponic systems are of many type namely Wick System, Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow, Drip System, NFT, and Aeroponics. Choosing the right type of system as per requirement can increase your crop production efficiently. Here are few types of hydroponics system you can adapt at your home.

Wick System

This system is the simplest and easiest indoor hydroponic system you can adapt at your home as they do not have any moving parts and passive.

You need to use a wick to draw the liquid nutrient solution into the growing medium from the tank, and this medium includes perlite, vermiculite, coconut fiber, etc. In some cases, you need to use air pumps for getting more oxygen to the nutrients solution.

Deep Water Culture

This type uses an active hydroponic system which involves the plants to get exposed to the liquid solution directly. Best for a small room as they are compact is size; they can even be organized in an aquarium.

With the help of the Styrofoam, they hold the plants and floats directly on the liquid solution. You can use an air pump to supply the air to the air stone and helps in oxygen circulation. Perfect for faster-growing plants such as lettuce, but not suitable for long term or large plants.

EBB & Flow

Otherwise known as flood and drain system contains a reservoir that is filled with nutrients along with the trays for growing plants. The liquid solution is used temporarily for watering and draining purpose.

There is no need of any additional oxygenation as this process serves as an optimal process for regular plant feeding. The system includes growing rocks, gravel, and granular rock wool.

Drip System

Most used hydroponic system, this uses a timer to control the pump that in immersed into the nutrient and liquid solution. This liquid falls to the drip line and then to each plant in the system. There are two types in Drip Hydroponic system namely recovery and non recovery.

Recovery system uses a reservoir to collect the additional liquid solution for reuse. This does not require any watering cycle control, and therefore you can use an inexpensive timer for it.

While considering the non recovery drip system, a timer is required to know the non interrupt of watering cycles, and therefore you will be able to know whether all plants are indulged to a nutrient solution for the efficient plant growth.


NFT abbreviated as Nutrient  Film Technique is based on the constant flow of liquid solution. There is no need for any timer for the growing medium or the pump. Liquid gets transferred to the individual basket, and therefore the constant flow of liquid to all plants is possible. Uses only air as a growing medium.


This system also uses air as a growing medium, the roots that are hanging in the air is misted with a liquid solution for every five minutes for the reliable plant growth. As there are chances of misting cycle interruption, you will require a timer for the pumping and considered to be the high-tech hydroponic system.

Vertical Hydroponics

The integrating living wall system is considered to be a fascinating interior design element; the green color promotes  ecological responsibility and sustainability. The vertical hydroponics provides the perfect interior look and provides the original focal point of your room.

What types of plants or herbs can you grow?

You can grow any houseplants, vegetables, fruits, etc. solution systems would be best for plants with the shallow roots, few examples include leafy green like spinach, herbs, lettuce, radishes. Vegetables that are with deep roots such as beetroot, radish, etc. can be preferred for the aggregate system.

Benefits of having Indoor Hydroponic System

Here are some of the advantages of adapting to hydroponics garden at your home.

  • Provide nutritious and fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • Perfect to use as an interior decoration
  • Modern technology
  • Compact in size and design
  • Soil-free plants
  • Fewer Pests
  • Superior high-quality plants
  • Faster growth
  • Affordable
  • Higher yields
  • Save water and money
  • Water can be recycled for usage
  • No weeds

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Is lighting essential for your plants?

The general fact is that all plants need light to grow, similarly, if you are planning to adapt hydroponic system at your home, you need to provide sunlight for at least 6 hours a day, as sunlight has all the lighting requirement that your plants need for growing.

If you think there is no chance for sunlight, then you need to provide artificial lighting with the help of indoor grow lights for your plants to grow correctly. Choosing the proper lighting system is mandatory, choose the light with the right intensity, light spectrum, power, etc.

Can you build a hydroponic system of your own?

Yeah, if you’re handy you can design yourself, there are many types of hydroponics system designs like hydroponic green wall system, boxed hydroponics, windowsill hydroponic system, tiered system, indoor cupboards, small container hydroponic system, hydroponic crystal magic, raft hydroponic system, Kratky, zig zag, cascades of bottles hydroponic system, dutch bucket, A-Frame, fish tank hydroponic system, PVC gutter, vertical garden pipe, smartphone powered, rain tower, EZ gro original garden planter, window front aquarium hydroponic system, Hydroponic wall and much more.Hydroponics-Examples

The main benefit of growing this wall hydroponic garden of your own is that you can customize the design as per your home space fit and prefer to choose the kind of plants that you are interested in growing at your home.

How to Grow Hydroponic System for Indoor?

Proceed below to check out how can you build this hydroponic system at your home.

  • The first step is to decide what type of herbs, plants, vegetables or fruits you need to build.
  • Buy those hydroponic seeds from any plant store or hardware for getting the high and premium quality ones.
  • Start to seed, cover the seed with a plate and put on the spot at your home where sunlight and warm can be reached easily.
  • Choosing the preferred location is important, know how much space you need for the having this hydroponic system,
  • Based on the type of hydroponic system, you can choose the space and nutrients; water is another important thing for your plants to grow efficiently.
  • Plant your Hydroponic seedlings, now place them into the growing medium and then to the hydroponic solution.

You can see desired results in your plant growth if you have done the process perfectly.

Best Picks of Indoor Hydroponic Garden System

Hope you are clear in choosing the right type of hydroponic garden system to adapt to your indoor area, but from who you need to get this hydroponic system is mandatory for achieving the desired and adequate plant growth. The right brand you are choosing, greater results you experience.

Our professional team has collected some of the best brands offering this type of hydroponic system with excellent quality. Apart from the personal testing the selections are also based on the customer reviews, ratings, performance, quality, durability and based on much more mandatory specifications.

The indoor Hydroponic Gardening system from “Back to the Roots.”

The product from “Back to the roots” has been ranked top in our best picks of an indoor hydroponic garden. This product enhances you to grow fresh vegetables, salad greens, herbs and much more at any of your indoor area without much effort.

The unique feature of this hydroponic system is that it acts as a mini aquaponic tank with closed loop ecosystem. The betta fish waste helps in fertilizing the plants that grow at the top of the reservoir and in return plants clean the water by filtering them for the fish to grow.

The combination of Aquaponics and hydroponics for your indoor garden is really an interesting idea.

In a typical water tank, fish secretes more ammonia that changes to toxic to the fishes, but in this hydroponic gardening system, the ammonia-rich waste is absorbed by the plants and is being the reason for the higher plants growth, the water that is clear is now filtered back for the fish growth.

There is no need of much maintenance, and this self-cleaning cycle makes your work simpler. The product is indulged with organic wheatgrass, 3-gallon fish tank, radish sprout seeds, fish food, betta fish coupon, a water pump that can be submerged, natural fertilizers and grow stones.

The price is high but worth the money spent for the indoor hydroponic garden, available with the dimension of 9.35 inches in width, 13.29 inches in depth and 13.29 inches in height.

Our #1 Pick:Back to the Roots Water Garden 

Special Feature:

It acts as a mini aquaponic tank with closed loop ecosystem.

Key features:

+ 3-gallon fish tank,

+ self-cleaning cycle.


+ a closed-loop ecosystem,

+ low-maintenance.

Our Rating:   ( 5 / 5)

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Mylar Hydroponics Tents for Indoor from Earth Worth

The manufacturer has created multiple gardening products for both indoor and outdoor and is being popular for their high premium quality materials used in the products they develop and this hydroponic gardening tent for your indoors ranks second in our best picks of an indoor hydroponic garden.

The double door canopy helps in improving your growing environment and thus enabling the productive hydroponic system to your home. They are compact in design, and therefore you will have more rooms for plants and vegetables. The tent is light in weight, sturdy and reliable as they are made of high-grade quality metals.

You can place this hydroponic system in any location at your home namely basement, shed, bedroom, garage, living room, etc. perfect to use for beginners and professionals. The zippers used in the tent is easy to set up and take down the plants. The front and rear door helps in setting up the lighting system and to grow your plants efficiently.

The tent is compatible with 400w, 600w and 1000w grow light systems. You can find the circular vents at the top, right, left and back. The interior lying tent material, made of 100{b309cfcdf3a14c514481a7ce97dd8c00d499541684aa4cde67b6773145947aa9} waterproof high reflective materials and the extra heavy duty floor with waterproof material for extra protection.

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested for the product, comes with the dimension of 76X76X76 inches.

Our #2 Pick:Earth Worth indoor hydroponic garden 

Special Feature:

The dual door tent helps in improving your growing environment.

Key features:

+ heavy duty oxford cloth material,

+ reflective water-proof Mylar inner material.


+ power coated metal,

+ high quality grade zippers.


+ Smells of Chemical when newly Installed.

Our Rating:   ( 4.8 / 5)

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Trellis type Indoor Hydroponic Garden from Hydrofarm

The manufacturer is a specialist in producing high-quality products regarding gardening and has achieved many awards for their durable and premium products. This indoor hydroponic system belongs to the trellis type, one of the simplest and efficient forms for achieving faster plant growth.

The trellis involved in this hydroponic system expands to about 4 feets and then snaps together, you can plant any vegetables like tomatoes, peas, beans and other climbing flowers and plants. These are the self-watering planters that are light in weight provides stronger support to the cultivated plants. You can easily fill the reservoir system with water and nutrients for the effective plant growth, this help in avoiding over under watering.

The frame is made of high premium quality materials along with sturdiness to provide the support to vines weight as they start growing. The reservoir that comes with the 13 inches in height enables easy setup and assembling.

The price of the product is affordable and comes with the dimension of 9.5X29.5 X 54 inches,

The weight of the product is about 32.2 pounds.

Our #3 Pick:Hydrofarm indoor hydroponic garden

Special Feature:

You can easily fill the reservoir system.

Key features:

+ self-watering planters,

+ expandable to 4 feet tall.


+ easy to fill reservoir,

+ affordable.


+ Very light weight.

Our Rating:   ( 4.9 / 5)

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Indoor Smart Herb Garden Kit for Indoor from Click & Grow

The manufacturer has developed many successful products and is popular for their creative and unique products in the market. If you think you need a garden kit to adapt at your indoor within a limited space and an affordable rate at anywhere in your home, you can prefer to choose this indoor hydroponic system with no chaos.

Grow fresh veggies, herbs, plants and flowers anywhere in your home like the kitchen counter, living room or near to window. You need not worry about the weather conditions as you are growing the plants indoor. Easy to assemble and install, the maintenance is also made simpler.

You just need to plant the seedlings or cartridges into the container and the refill the water tank and the plug the device into the experience the rapid plant growth. Lightweight and therefore portable, perfect for planting cherry, tomatoes, peppers, parsley and much more.

Enjoy the fresh vegetables, fruits, and plants with no herbicides or pesticides. The smart soil technology uses the nanotech growth the act as a medium for accelerating the plant growth without losing the quality, the LED technology used in the garden kit makes your home garden energy efficient.

The manufacturer has a 30-day money back guarantee along with the 100 replacement warranty. Comes with the dimension of 11.8X4.7 X 11.1 inches and are affordable in rate.

Our #4 Pick:Click & Grow indoor hydroponic garden 

Special Feature:

LED technology used in the garden kit makes your home garden energy efficient.

Key features:

+ self-watering garden,

+ patented nano-tech growth medium.


+ perfect for indoor use,

+ easy to install.


+ Expensive refills.

Our Rating:   ( 4.8 / 5)

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Deep water Culture Hydroponic System for indoor from HTG Supply

You can choose this hydroponic system for your home garden from HTG supply if you need an energy efficient and high reliable DWC hydroponic gardening and that too at an affordable rate, The bubble brothers deliver high-end results with the help of its optimal performance.

DWC is the easiest hydroponic system which enables simpler operation, low economy and huge benefits that are listed above. You can experience faster growth, better flavors from different vegetables and fruits, bigger yields. Aeration is the main key for delivering the high performance.

The gardening system contains a commercial pump that is of high-grade quality, and this provides the high oxygen supply to the components and provides better diffusion, and therefore high efficient plant growth is possible. The six medium size plants come with premium quality clay pebble grow medium.

The air pump is about 41 watts and the bucket measures about 8 inches tall and 12 inches wide. The price is affordable and comes with the dimension of 30X15X15 inches.

Our #5 Pick:HTG Supply indoor hydroponic garden 

Special Feature:

The commercial and high grade quality pump provides the high oxygen supply.

Key features:

+ space saving buckets,

+ high power commercial air pump.


+ clay pebble grow medium,

+ includes 6” net pot lids.


+ No drain tube.

Our Rating:   ( 4.8 / 5)

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DWC LED Self Watering Hydroponic System for Indoor from Pathanor

One of the well-developed and efficient manufacturers who has developed this product as simple as you can do by yourself ranks sixth in our best picks of the indoor hydroponic garden system.

This system belongs to the deep water culture method, one of the easiest and efficient methods to grow plants, vegetables, fruits and other herbs in your indoor area. Best to adapt in the living room, bedroom, kitchen boundary, etc. The plants grown in this indoor hydroponic system is healthy and does not contain any harmful substance like pesticides or herbicides.

Grow organic, healthy plants in your indoor area with this help of innovative and creative indoor hydroponic garden system. The product includes a LED lighting system which allows maximum photosynthesis for the plants to grow efficiently. Indulges about eighteen pot systems, nutrients, water and seeds into the pods.

The hydroponic system is simple to use and install, the plants grow efficiently as the garden system indulges with the self-watering, the hydroponic technology allows the vegetables, fruits, and herbs to grow naturally and you can experience huge development within a short period.

They are lightweight, efficient and reliable, comes with the dimension of 7.87X7.87 X 7.87, the price of the product is affordable.

Our #6 Pick:Pathonor indoor hydroponic garden 

Special Feature:

The deep water culture(DWC) method is an efficient method that used here to grow plants.

Key features:

+ full spectrum 8-watt LED lighting system,

+ 18 pot system.


+ smart control system,

+ available in different sizes.


+ Smaller.

Our Rating:   ( 4.7 / 5)

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Miracle-Gro Sprout with Gourmet Herb for Indoor from AeroGrow

We have seen earlier about the manufacturer AeroGrow in the first product, the manufacturer another hydroponic system is also ranked in our top best picks of the hydroponic garden just for their reliable and durable performance.

Grow fresh herbs, salad greens, vegetables and flowers in this smart countertop garden efficiently, they allows three plants to grow at a single time, the hydroponic system uses water for the plant growth and therefore high efficient of plants growth is possible.

There is LED light to provide the plants with photosynthesis so that you need not keep the plants in the direct sunlight and you no need to worry about the climatic changes too as the plants grow indoor. This act as a decorating platform at your home on the table or anywhere you need.

The control panel with the light highlighting indicates that it’s the time for watering and adding nutrients to the plants, the kit includes Genovese basil, dill and 3oz, curly parsley and patented nutrients for a full season growth.

The total adjustable height of the hydroponic system is about 10.5 to 15.5 inches in height, and the growing area is about 4.5 inches 10 inches in height. The price of the product is affordable, available with the total dimension of 5 inches wide, 11 inches in diameter and 10.5 to 15.5 inches in height.

Our #7 Pick:AeroGrow indoor hydroponic garden 

Special Feature:

The control panel with the light highlighting indicates time for watering.

Key features:

+ Up to 3 plants,

+ automatically turns lights on and off.


+ reminder for adding nutrients,

+ includes 3 oz patented nutrients.


+ Not for tall plants.

Our Rating:   ( 4.7 / 5)

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Vertical planting Green Wall Hydroponic System for Indoor from Algreen

The hydroponic system from the reliable manufacturer Algreen ranks eighth in our best picks of the indoor hydroponic garden. The manufacturer has designed the product in the way you can use it for decorating your wall too.

The watertight construction designed for this hydroponic system is very innovative and creative, they have four planting shelves, and the hydroponic grow medium has been designed professionally. The watering is done from the top, and this reaches all the plants, herbs, flowers and vegetables to the bottom and gets filtered.

There is an excess water reservoir to prevent overwatering the plants, the hardware included within the system is simple and easy for mounting. Turn your wall into attractive and fascinating living art; the wall can be uniquely decorated with the focal point and perfect for balconies, fences, and decks.

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the product, the weight of the hydroponic indoor gardening system is 17.6 pounds and available with the dimension of 37X4X24 inches.

Our #8 Pick:Algreen indoor hydroponic garden 

Special Feature:

There is an excess water reservoir to prevent over watering the plants.

Key features:

+ 4 large planting shelves,

+ excess water reservoir.


+ easy mounting featured,

+ avoid over watering.


+ Expensive.

Our Rating:   ( 4.6 / 5)

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DWC Hydroponic Indoor Garden Bucket Kit from PowerGrow System

Do you need an efficient garden kit to grow your favorite vegetables, fruits, plants and herb in your home as well as use it for decorating? Then choose the hydroponic garden system from power to grow system without any chaos.

The manufacturer has developed the product in a unique and adaptive way, the Deep water culture gardening system is the simplest and easiest way for growing fresh herbs, veggies, fruits and other spices indoor. The system includes five-gallon bucket that is FDA approves and the bucket lid with 6 inches.

This indoor hydroponic system involves an air pump with 44 GPH, Air Stone, Air Tubing, Rockwool Seeds starting plugs and hydroponic growing medium with the system.  The water level indication in blue color indicates you about adding water and nutrients.

The manufacturer has one year warranty for the deep water culture hydroponic system, the price of the product is affordable and weight about 8 pounds. The system comes with the dimension of 12X12X6 inches.

Our #9 Pick:PowerGrow Systems indoor hydroponic garden 

Special Feature:

This indoor hydroponic system involves an air pump, Air Stone, Air Tubing, Rockwool Seeds starting plugs.

Key features:

+ 5 gallon FDA approved bucket,

+ 6” basket lid.


+ water level indicator,

+ easy to use.


+ Hard to handle the air pump.

Our Rating:   ( 4.6 / 5)

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Hydroponics Gardening System for Indoor from EcoPro Tools

The hydroponic product from EcoPro Tools ranks tenth in our best picks of the indoor hydroponic garden; this product has been developed innovatively with high advanced specialties for the efficient plant growth.

The LED lighting with ultra high power enables the light for the plants to increase photosynthesis and grow rapidly and efficiently. The sunlight spectrum can be calibrated with this LED system.

The hydroponic technology indulged in this system is aerospace proven, and the height of the gardening kit comes adjustable, and so you will be able to adjust the height as per your need.

You can add this for decorating your home and perfect to place in the dining table, balconies, etc., grow fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and plant as per your need and enjoy healthy meals, the nutrients used in this does not contain any harmful substances like herbicides.

The ivory white color provides the vibrant look to your indoor, available with the dimension of 12X13X13 inches. The price of the product is high but worth the penny invested on the hydroponic garden system.

Our #10 Pick:EcoPro Tools indoor hydroponic garden 

Special Feature:

The sunlight spectrum can be calibrated with this LED system.

Key features:

+ ultra efficient led lighting panel,

+ calibrated sun light spectrum.


+ height adjustable,

+ easy to move.


+ Bulky.

Our Rating:   ( 4.5 / 5)

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Final Words

Hope you are clear on getting the right type of hydroponic garden system for your indoor, any queries on the gardening product or system? Feel free to ping us through the comment section below.

Have you ever used this hydroponic garden system for your indoor?



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